Jeder Moment erzählt eine Geschichte.

Month: December 2016

First Son of the Nation

I read this story on December 5th 2016 live via Skype at Café Cralle (Berlin). Christian, Claas and me had chosen „father and sons“ as topic.
First Son of the Nation
Panting, heavy Dark Vader breathing behind him. He ran and ran but the noise didn’t stop. He was wearing his magic Nike shoes, so he had to win! Suddenly the path ended, an abyss opened up in front of him. He stopped, turned breathing heavily. There she was. Hillary Clinton. In one of her hideous pink suits. A frozen smile on her face. She moved towards him.
“Give me your hand, Barron. I love everybody!“
He backed away, lost his balance and fell. His mouth opened into an endless scream.

Someone was shaking him. Opening his eyes he looked into his mother’s brown Bambi eyes. Continue reading

Yoga – working my way into handstand

Due to a special request by a very good friend I finally share a Yoga post with you.

Since ten years I am on the Yoga path. During this time I got to know different styles, teachers, schools and I practiced in different intensities. This year I reached the point where I was definitely ready to start teacher training. Am I able to perform every Yoga asana (postion) in perfection? No! There are asanas that are easily accessible to me, others I can get into on some days and there are some where I am miles away of the full expression. But my practice has taught me to be patient. Three years ago I started practising headstand (Sirsasana) when I began doing Jivamukti Yoga. This year I finally managed to stand on my head!

At the moment I practice handstand (Vrikshasana) and forearmstand (Pincha Mayuarasana) intensively. Inversions are difficult. Not only because they require strength (arms, shoulders, abdomen). We turn our world upside down! I am far away from reaching the full posture as it is supposed to be but I found a very good preparation.

1) Start in a tabletop position. Feet touch the wall behind you. Knees are beneath your hips, wrists under your shoulders.

Continue reading

Christmas time

Time flies by: the second Sunday in Advent is already there! Now, Chicago is nicely decorated. Chain of lights everywhere, in Roscoe Village we got a Community Tree and there are Christmas markets. Even a German Christkindelsmarket with Gluhwein (as the Americans say), Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and Strudel (well, isn’t that austrian…?).

When I was leaving the Christmas market I was told to drink up my Gluhwein – you are not allowed to drink alcohol on the streets. I am still not accustomed to this, in Berlin it was so totally different…

In Millenium Park a big tree with coloured lights was planted.

Every Friday night Christmas Caroling is taking place there. Changing choirs sing Christmas carols and everybody is invited to join. Well, I still have got three weeks left to learn the american carol texts… It was a really nice experience, the choir instructor was enthusiastic and warm. Not only christian carols were sung but Chanukka songs as well.

This weekend a design Christmas market called “One of a kind” is taking place in Merchandise Mart. The concept is similar to “Holy Shit Shopping” in Berlin which was my number one destination for great Christmas presents. “One of a kind” is huge but I found the stalls kind of disappointing. Not very fancy, too expensive, quite conservative. But I found beautiful earrings!

Those are some of my impressions of Chicago preparing for Christmas. I wish you all a happy second Sunday in Advent!