After being one month in the USA, I faced the next big change: moving into a permanent apartment. I really liked the temporary apartment in Downtown, Lake/Wells Street on 42nd floor but I also really looked forward to moving into the new apartment.

Downtown Chicago is exciting but overall very noisy. Constantly rushing trains, sirens day and night and this continous big city humming. Do you know it? I noticed it for the first time in New York City. You can hear it in Berlin, too, although not everywhere. And in Chicago’s center it accompanied me, too.

Bye, bye skyscrapers!

My new apartment is in the so-called Roscoe Village. The “village within the city”. Sounds like Prenzlauer Berg, right? Indeed, it’s very similar. It seems I am attracted to that kind of neighborhoods… I was born in a small town in Lower-Saxony. After finishing school I felt the urge to move to a bigger city. Brühl, Wiesbaden, Freiburg, Wiesbaden, Berlin – and now Chicago. The cities have become bigger. Somehow, I always ended up in neighborhoods that have a village-like character with small stores, extraordinary cafés and parks. Maybe my small-city-soul needs a restricted terrain? Luckily, it can be found in big cities, too.
Here in Roscoe Village it is really relaxed for sure. Wide sidewalks, lots of people with children, nice cafés, two coffee roasteries directly around the corner, restaurants, a wine shop, a bike shop, a book shop… what do I need else?!