Sometimes it’s one single moment that can change a life completely. Everyday we experience myriads of moments. Most of them blurr, they become one minute, one hour, one day, weeks, months. But sometimes there is this one moment that steers our life in a totally different direction. With us noticing it at this moment. But often without noticing it directly. Afterwards we become aware that it was that specific moment where we turned into another direction.

One moment can be beautiful. It can be awful. Or both at the same time. It can be unexpectd. It can be yearned for impatiently.

But this is for sure: The moment will pass.

To capture the stories behind single moments, to make them visible, I started writing this blog.

One moment – one story.

As I am living in the US right now, I have chosen to offer this blog in a bilingual version. Dear english readers: please be patient! It will sometimes take some time to translate all stories…

What you will find on this blog:

On 1st of October 2016 started the US adventure. There are three years for me and my little family to explore this big country in all its diversity. Especially Chicago – I love this city right now!

Short stories
Here are my short stories. I have read many of them at open lecture sessions at great bars in Berlin (Café Cralle, Ex’n’pop).

I have practiced yoga since ten years. In innumerable styles and variations. With lots of different teachers, in diverse intensity, with varying enthusiasm.
In 2012 I had a severe accident that changed many things for me. After one year I could restart with yoga and it helped me a lot in getting a strong, flexible body back. A body that I can trust in.
I want to share this trust with other people, therefore I take part in a yoga teacher training here in Chicago.

Here you can read how I feel with that training and you’ll get some tips from time to time 🙂

Impressions from Chicago and the USA