In Europe one popular opinion about the US is that lots of people have to have several jobs to make ends meet. I never understood completely the reasons for this. Little by little I begin to understand. Groceries are mostly more expensive. Especially during shopping and dining out you can experience bad surprises. There are always taxes that are added to the original price. So you don’t know exactly what you will pay in the end. One glass of honey costs 10 $. One roll parchment paper 4,50$. Organic yoghurt 8 $. One sixpack softdrinks only 2,50 $. One beer in a bar 6-10 $. One glass of wine 8-15 $.

Renting is much more expensive than in Germany. I know the situation in Berlin. During my last apartment search I cursed prices because the rents have increased drastically. I knew times with totally different rents in Berlin. We set a 3.000 $ Limit for our 2-3 bedroom apartment in Chicago. Well, there weren’t tons of offers in inner Chicago for this budget. And many showed a big discrepancy between pretension (pictures displayed in the advertisement) and reality. Old, dirty bathrooms, strange heating constructions, the praised shared garden is obviously used as dog’s dropping ground, the rail line wasn’t mentioned, okay, first floor can be basement as well, a room without a window is a room as well, etc. Somehow, we managed to find an apartment with the help of an agent (who is payed for by the landlord). Big, three bedrooms, two bathrooms (who shall and wants to clean those?!). Unfortunately, far away from the lake, contrary to our plan. The train takes you to Downtown Chicago in 30-45 minutes.

Back to expenses. The child develops an interest  in other children and we want him to learn english, so we decide to send him to a child care institution. I visit several together with the lady from the relocations service who is helping us with administrative aspects.
The chosen one charges an average pricing. 1287 $ a month for three days a week. Around 100 $ per day. Well, with those prices you have to find a job that levels the costs of child care! I don’t know exactly how much I will earn as a yoga teacher. But I doubt it being enough to pay for child care if I don’t focus on private sessions. I could teach German or work in a café. And… there are three jobs…