Jeder Moment erzählt eine Geschichte.

Arriving in the States

After a long, a very long journey with transfer in London-Heathrow and a long queue at Immigration I was finally granted access to US-american soil. Being heavily laden with approximately 40 kilos baggage plus child, I couldn’t kneel down and kiss the ground.

I drove to Downtown Chicago through the suburbs with the squeaking, rumbling metro. The temporary apartment greeted me with an overwhelming view out of 42nd floor. At eye level with skyscrapers all around me, Chicago’s highest building, the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), directly in view. Deep below the “L” trains drive by at day and night time.

First city exploration on the next day with splendid sunshine. A dear colleague had travelled through the US and ended her trip in Chicago. Her flight was scheduled in the afternoon, so we could meet for breakfast at “Le Pain Quotidien” at Millenium Park. Drinking cold brew coffee and super smooth avocado toast at last! Afterwards we explored the playground in Millenium Park. No sand box but this flexible plastic material as floor covering. Why are there no sand boxes on american playgrounds? I will try finding it out. Or does anybody of you readers know the reason?
On Monday my life as fulltime-mom started – quite unfamiliar. But luckily I had enough to dos: buying a new cell phone, searching for a mobile provider, shopping, browsing apartment listings, getting to know the city… I had registered as a volunteer for the upcoming Chicago marathon and as course marshal I had to know my neighborhood.
After one week a pretty packed apartment visiting tour started. But I will report seperately on the ever so interesting topic of real estate search.

At Michigan/Randolph Street I had discovered the Chicago Cultural Center. An enormous building that housed the library in former times. Currently it hosts cultural events and expositions. In the lobby you can sit at tables, chat, eat or let the child run around entertaining everybody. I never received so many compliments like this child on one day! A nice employee invited us directly to the children’s concert, the so called Juice Box, which takes place every two weeks. On this first friday in October a mexican group, “Sones de México”, performed. They succeeded in carrying away the audience, consisting of 50 adults with children, with lots of instruments. Tentative dancing could be observed.

What I like so far:
That I can see Lake Michigan from my apartment.
That the city smells like chocolate (at least on some corners).

What I dislike so far:
That I can’t steer the travel stroller with one hand. So I can’t buy a coffee to go and can easily be identified as non-american.

Stroller parking space



  1. Susi

    Zum fehlenden Sand auf den Spielplätzen wäre meine Vermutung: (übertriebene) hygienische Bedenken der Amerikaner – sollen die Kleinen lieber am Plastik nuckeln als mal 5 Körner Sand im Mund zu haben… ;). Aber, und das ist auf amerikanischen Spielplätzen toll, es gibt fast überall Babyschaukeln.

    • Teresa

      Ja, das mit den Babyschaukeln stimmt!

      Ich habe auch überlegt ob es wegen der Hygiene ist. Aber oft ist so ein Rindenmulch auf den Spielplätzen, den mein Kind natürlich auch gerne in den Mund nimmt. Das finde ich auch nicht hygienischer und eigentlich noch gefährlicher als etwas Sand zu essen…

  2. Unbekannt

    Wer ist eigentlich mit dir im Zug gefahren?

    • Teresa

      Meine kleine Familie 🙂

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